You can watch logo? Behind the story you know how much

Brand logo is a kind of "visual language", it through a certain pattern, color to the consumer to transmit some kind of information, and hidden behind the brand logo may be the story and history of the brand. To say the world watches logo you may tend to know, but the design origin and significance of these brands of logo you can know how much? Calatrava Ref Eleven Patek Philippe's unique "Calatrava Cross Star" logo originated in a historical story. In 1185, a Spanish city called Calatrava by the Moorish invasion, brave knights and the Reverend Raymond Bellas Keith Di brother led the people of desperate resistance, eventually defeated the replica watches uk moors. The "Calatrava cross" is a combination of the sword of the knight and the priest's Cross. Thus, the combination of the cross and the sword is a symbol of dignity and courage. Anthony - the founder of Patek Philippe, 100 and Jean Philippe think this cross star symbolizes the spirit of cooperation and they are very fit, so they decided to start from 1875 to the "Calatrava Cross Star" as a symbol of the Patek Philippe brand. Patrimony Traditionnelle Two Vacheron Constantin's logo is the Malta Cross (Cross Maltese). Malta cross symbol in the history of the use of the Knights and the Knights of Malta symbol shape from four "V" word composition, cross logo design inspiration from the First Crusade when used. Vacheron Constantin chose "Malta cross" as the company's trademark, because in the era of precision gear manual tab to adjust the shape of the elastic spring and Malta cross are similar in rolex replica shape, so it has become a symbol of superior craftsmanship and traditional manual tabulation. Rolex Three Rolex the first sign of an open fingers of the hand, it represents the brand of watches is on hand carved. Later evolved into today's crown of a registered trademark, it is said that its dominance in the field of watches, and shows Rolex Regal in watchmaking. Breguet Five Love Breguet people will like it sends out the Royal and noble temperament design. Blue steel Breguet needle, it is the symbol of the brand you created in 1783, Mr. Breguet designed a unique pointer at the end of 1/4 the dot near the. The little blue steel needle Breguet "has been used for 200 years, and has become one of the most unique appearance design Breguet, as well as other brand watches to breitling replica imitate the target.