Ladies watch fashion Collocation: "extravagance", not expensive

The Qixi Festival is approaching, it is to show love, happiness time. In recent years, the development of the watch can be said to be persistent in the China, lady loves to watch "also change rapidly". Now, almost all in the pursuit of brand, which can not be said to be a kind of brand effect. In such a "very time", to salute you: your wallet okay? Luxury goods Women are always the leader in fashion in the wave of reform and opening up, with the China, this fashion constantly swept many of the China women. To replica watches uk it, many are the big luxury gradually will China into his "empire", with so many choices, all fashion goers have spent eye? With the strengthening of national strength, we are increasingly in the concept of consumption, and some people believe that: expensive, is the last word, many big names in China's popularity is a reflection of the side. In the face of such material, whether we can think: is the only really expensive is right? Women's rolex replica In most people's impression, ladies watch will be: small dial, precious metals, diamond, such ladies watch everywhere highlight their "expensive", the high price of the ladies watch, the quality is really worthy of trust, but only expensive things blindly superposition what, are there? So, personally, Ms. table must be "expensive", and not expensive. Tiffany breakfast I believe we must remember the "breakfast at Tiffany's", Hepburn Holly as the yearning for the society, when she was dressed in a black gown, wearing fake jewelry, in the early morning when Tiffany in front of the store, I believe everyone will be her delicate and pretty face, and the natural circulation of bearing trapping, even forget the existence of fake jewelry. Personally think that this is a "noble". Extravagance Whether you are a man or woman soft, women will have the innate spirit, therefore, women in the choice of watches, or other accessories, should choose "extravagance", but not expensive, both watches or other accessories are in order to be more beautiful, is not to let the more popular. Therefore, to use the exquisite accessories, to highlight the unique charm of the female, and "expensive" is completely different. In fact, many big name has been demonstrated, "the basic elements of extravagance" -- a low-key luxury, not blindly, personality. A piece of jewelry is the latest hot from Cartire's minimalist nail bracelet, unique shape, simple, won numerous big love. I think this bracelet and watch more with their collocation Oh, Cartire watch is also excellent. Of course, as all-match, other watch is also properly. Another Cartire LOVE bracelet is absolutely the best partner ladies watch. The same is the simple design, the screw type pattern is carved, simple bracelet has a "heroic spirit", and the same simple and a watch is simply a perfect match. chopard When it comes to Chopin, everyone is likely to think of its diamond, especially its "Happy Diamond" series. Since the same name with the artist, Chopin is also a brand of artistic flavor. In the Qixi Festival, specially presented personal suggestions like this collocation, "Amway", in the traditional the Qixi Festival, bring a different experience for you. Dior Dior is now in China relatively high visibility of luxury brands, but also in many jewelry brands, Dior is doing a good watch table, in the design are more texture. Pearl Earrings hot in recent years, and it is the watch that match. Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels is also the women's dream, it is also full of poetic works watch women dream. Van Cleef & Arpels's poetic complex dial can be said to be very classic, Faerie image that many women in childhood love, such collocation can be said to be full of poetic flavour. Van Cleef & Arpels Simple but luxurious Van Cleef & Arpels, you can try. Although the above is some of the more well-known brands, but personally think that they all played "Guiqi" truth: don't care about the price, because it is not a luxury piled up, is a kind of temperament. In fact, compared with other accessories, watch more practical, more can reflect a person's temperament. In fact, those big watch, in the "heart" of the hands, you can also be "extravagance". Lovely cat fusion watches and bracelets, through careful collocation, can clearly reflect the wearer's innocent and lovely, not even a little bit naive, but have a unique style of charm. Gold bracelet collocation simple bracelet, Dior take sunglasses, anyway, people did not feel tacky. Girls love big dial, if you feel too abrupt, a bracelet or a bracelet? How Rolex, Panerai such men? Clever collocation, the elder sister still live hold. Precious metals and diamonds are not love, for an antique hand on? Young friends to try something different, it is often a watchband, a week is not heavy like. How replica watches, Panerai such men? Clever collocation, the elder sister still live hold. Precious metals and diamonds are not love, for an antique hand on? Young friends to try something different, it is often a watchband, a week is not heavy like. Watch strap is too common, will be old-fashioned, it would simply become a ribbon, and you keep young and lively. From the beginning of the history may have the concept of fashion, whether you are eighteen or eighty, will be in fashion in the imperceptibly fought". With the national strength of the country, many of the influx of ideas, such a situation, there will be a lot of people will be caught off guard. What is fashion? Is it expensive? Of course not, although the price is a measure of a product, but it's not the only one. Like the watch, it is the role of nature as the measurement of time, and in the process of watchmaking industry development, people give it too much. Switzerland, Germany is not necessarily suitable for you, not necessarily poor domestic. The key is not suitable for their own, suitable for their own temperament, suitable for their own consumption levels. We say that the lady wearing a watch is not necessarily expensive, it is important to have "extravagance". This "noble" is simply a kind of temperament, a good temperament. The most expensive woman is a woman, with its own unique and elegant and calm, and each person is not the same. We can not blindly pursue the so-called brand, to choose the most suitable for their own. Excellent workmanship, material quality, in accordance with the current trend, the individual believes that such a choice is excellent. Do not blindly, do not blindly, you may be good, but not necessarily for you. Small make up their own criteria is: not blind, not follow. Reasonable collocation, even if it is to spread the goods, also want to wear show feeling. As long as they do not like the right and wrong, all in all is to do their own unique. This article from [watch era] micro channel public number, do not save your message, you want to know everything about the table tell us!