Bid farewell to the basic structure of a little knowledge of the watch every day

Nowadays, more and more people wear table, but more and more people understand the table, the reason I personally think that people only care about the results, but ignored the process. In fact, in such a fast rhythm of the world, we can let you slow down, slow down you can find a better life, after all, in front of the product like, you still have a good understanding of its preparation. With the purpose of knowledge transfer for users to watch, today Xiaobian to introduce the basic knowledge of the structure of the breitling replica. Watch is composed of six parts, watchcase, watchband, movement, dial back cover and hands, in which case, watchband, dial, cover and hands are more intuitive, but most hidden in the middle of the dial and the movement of the rear cover, so as to give people the feeling is very mysterious. So I'll just say it for you. One Movement The movement is one of the most important parts of watches, watches can be understood as the "heart", its quality determines the quality of the watch, the choice of quality movement, is crucial for the quality of the products. Currently available on the market most of the movement is the daily movement or Swiss movement, which produces most of the movement is the use of CITIZEN automatic movement, while the Swiss movement is more for manufacturers homemade movement. Two rolex replica case At present, the domestic market case by shell, copper alloy, steel, tungsten steel shell shell. Alloy shell processing technology is simple, the production cycle is short, the output is big, the price is low, the development is more rapid in recent years. Because of its water resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects of more than enough, will be applied to middle and low class watches. The shell has beautiful, easy processing, good waterproof performance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance and other advantages are widely used in the high and middle class watches. The steel shell general processing is complex, output is small, the price is high, its performance is better than that of alloy shell and shell, generally used for high-grade electronic watches and mechanical or automatic mechanical watches. Tungsten steel shell machining difficult, not easy to wear, and with a sapphire watch, Japan movement, so much in the tungsten steel watchband, equipped with high-grade electronic table. Three Watch strap The choice should be in accordance with watchcase watchband, watchcase, choose what kind of material will choose what kind of watch strap. But there is a situation that is the case can be excluded, any material can be matched with Leather Watchband, the effect is ideal. Four Clock dial Dial material generally used copper, aluminum, paper etc.. For a replica watches dial design is also very important, in our industry, "said dial disc face, like a person's face is as important as. As a case, with different patterns and materials of the dial, can achieve different effects. Five Back cover The role of the rear cover is fixed movement, dust, waterproof, etc.. Made of stainless steel. On the back of the corrosion characters and patterns, and case three general assembly. Press the cover: direct closely with case (poor waterproof), screw cap: all rib and tighten case and cover (strong waterproof), Ross: bottom case and cover with Ross fixed, mostly square case (strong waterproof). Six Hand Is an important component of the time display hands, watch should be clockwise, the minute hand and second hand three, except in special cases. For example, ultra-thin watches, generally only the hour and minute hand, second hand movement according to the situation of not essential. Table is to adjust the hour (time), the date (calendar) of the important parts, mostly manual. The general use of copper or stainless steel with coating.