To imitate us is to take a serious look at those very much like Rolex's diving table

Today, Rolex watches diving table has become one of the most popular in the world, people love the cause of it is nothing more than it has rich elements of motion and appearance features, another feature of steel dial design is everyone love it. In fact, Rolex diving table is not suitable for everyone, and now there are many manufacturers have launched their own products, they also have a high end of the steel material and functional design. Currently available on the market there are a lot of very similar to the Rolex diving table products, they try to imitate the appearance of Rolex, make people feel the same feeling and Rolex diving table. Laolishi In the diving table I have more attention to three aspects, respectively, the shape design, quality and price, so I listed my heart in the top nine of the diving table. In detail I think diving table also has the following points: 1 the watchband collocation must be high-grade metal steel or titanium material such as 2, equipped with high quality mechanical movement, 3 to be equipped with the functions of timing, selection of 4 black and large size dial. For swiss replica watches, the diving table is not likely to be replaced by other manufacturers, because both the choice of ingredients, function, quality and price, Rolex has a huge advantage. But even so, we still have to look at the products that Rolex is like. Blancpain fifty fathoms Blancpain-Fifty-Fathoms-261 Advantages: 45 mm diameter of the large dial, the appearance of a sense of movement. The movement is a selection of homemade Blancpain core 1315 automatic movement, power storage up to 120 hours. Price is more expensive, but the value of money, great collection value. Results: Blancpain fifty fathoms in terms of price higher than replica watches uk but it is diving table, design of sapphire crystal ring is impressive, to know that this design Blancpain fifty fathoms with ordinary different, because it is not the kind of past graphic design and adopts curved design, it will be more complex also more craftsmanship. Heritage Black Bay Tudor Rolex-Submariner-No-Date-114060-Tudor-Heritage-Black-Bay-Black-79220-Compare-Review-aBlogtoWatch-1 Advantage: because Dituo and Rolex belong to one group, so in terms of design will have a similar place. But from the beginning of this year, Dituo adjustment for this series of, let it have its own characteristics (new push this year 43 mm and their collocation movement). Results: rolex replica diving watch dial for 40 mm, and Heritage Black Bay Tudor dial chose 41 mm larger and thicker. Which is also slightly different in internal material, Dituo is used in aluminum material, while Rolex is using ceramic materials (ceramic materials with wear and other advantages but also has the shortcoming of fragility, merits but also the user choose). In the color design, Dituo undoubtedly have more choices. OMEGA Planet Ocean Seamaster OmegaSeamaster Advantage: OMEGA has launched a series of diving table in many years, the universe is improved in series marine diving watches series of styles, the purpose is to pay tribute to the legendary Omega ocean series. Dazzling orange collocation Hale appearance is really sporty. Results: compared with Rolex, Omega ocean universe series have more choices in style, the size of about 40 mm model, they all have a similar function. Although in the actual application process, Rolex is very likely to have comparative advantages, but still follow the pace of the Omega Rolex, in my opinion, at least in the OMEGA design case and dial has its own style. Bvlgari Diagono series Bulgari Advantage: Italy design elements of the Bvlgari Diagono series has no Rolex, but also has its own unique style of Bvlgari in the dial, chain design. Comparison results: 41 mm Diagono and Rolex diving table is basically similar, from the size and thickness are also roughly the same. Although the 300 are two meters diving table and wearing comfort are very good, but the table is the use of Bvlgari's full steel design, and Rolex is the use of ceramic materials. IWC Advantage: International Ocean time series of each generation has its own personality, but the color is always relatively simple. In the functional design, the universal time series with a fast ocean change with this technology chain. And in some of the products can rotate the dial, the design of the world is no doubt more stylish than Rolex. Results: in a large extent, the production of diving table are a lot of entry-level products, so the price will have an advantage, but the choice is the core in the manual chain movement, and the surface size is too large. Precision Drive Spring series Seiko Advantage: in the reputation, Seiko Rolex may not have high precision but with independent research and development of the movement in the watch industry is also quite a reputation. Precision Drive Spring series is the use of their own unique movement, and Rolex is different from the movement of the use of quartz movement, so in the dynamic appearance, in fact, a quartz core". Comparison results: Japan's design style is far less than in Europe, but its biggest advantage is the quartz movement, as a high-end products, precision Spring has a good influence. U1 Sinn Sinn Advantage: Sinn is Germany's most famous sports watch manufacturer, under the production of products with Rolex 44 mM with the same 1000 meter diving ability, the unique design of pointer to become fashionable for a time. Results: in the choice of Rolex watch strap has been used is 904L stainless steel, and Sinn is the choice of 316L stainless steel, so there is a certain competitiveness, while Sinn in terms of price also has a great advantage. 635-7560-4161rs ProDiver Date Oris Advantage: if you want to buy a Rolex submariner products, then 635-7560-4161rs Sixty five 42 is a good choice, but I personally think that ProDiver Date is a better choice, 49 mm full titanium case and 1000 meters waterproof performance, safety lock ceramic bezel and automatic helium release valve are its advantages. Results: compared with the professional Rolex ProDiver Date series, Oris watch more suitable for everyday wear, the price is slightly lower than Rolex. Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore AP Advantage: Audemars Pigeut in the design of high-end watches on the collocation of a good performance, so the appearance of it than Rolex to look good. Comparison results: as with the Rolex diving table, the Royal Oak Offshore type also has a professional design. But the difference is that the latter has maintained a luxurious temperament, in the design style of the Royal Oak Offshore continuation of the octagonal watchcase classic design, but also the internal structure is not cheap, if you choose this diving table, is obviously not a wise choice. Breitling Superocean Heritage Breitling Advantage: Breitling and Rolex are diving watch dial design based on 50s of last century. In the middle of the product size is 42-46 mm, Breitling certainly favoured large size, and in the design of Breitling watch strap also have their own style. Results: compared with Rolex, Breitling has platform behind, to keep up with the trend of weakness, but in terms of brand awareness is slightly better than the price of Rolex, Breitling also has a good advantage.